There are two different services I provide – psychotherapy (also called counselling) sessions, and Enneagram personal development sessions.

Psychotherapy is very broad and will include an exploration of topics you wish to dig more deeply into during our work together. This can include events from your past, or concerns and struggles you’re dealing with presently.

Enneagram personal development is more focused, and will involve an in-depth assessment to compile your personalized Enneagram profile, followed by sessions that are focused on how you can use the information in your profile to grow and accomplish goals that you may have for your future.

If you are primarily interested in therapy, but would like to incorporate the Enneagram into your therapy sessions, that is something we can do. In this case, our sessions would follow the typical structure of therapy sessions, where you choose what to explore each time, but would also incorporate a personalized Enneagram profile and would allow us to examine what you bring to session through the lens of the Enneagram for greater insight.

You can find more information about psychotherapy here, and more information about Enneagram personal development sessions here.