Enneagram Personal Development Sessions

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a model of 9 different personality types that can be used to gain a deeper understanding of your motivations, fears, behaviours, needs, and relationship patterns. From there, it can be used to facilitate personal development and growth by exploring how you might better integrate the other types with your primary type to move closer to an integrated self. Unlike other personality tests, the Enneagram is interested in your motivations underlying behaviour. Because of this, it is not prescriptive and does not put people in a box. The assessment measures which type you are likely to resonate with most strongly, but ultimately, you are the expert in yourself and it’s up to you to determine whether or not a particular type fits with your own experience of yourself.

The Typing Process

In my Enneagram personal development sessions, we begin by having you complete the iEQ9 Individual Assessment created by Integrative Enneagram Solutions. This online assessment will take approximately 30-60 minutes, and will ask you a variety of questions as it attempts to determine which type you may resonate most strongly with. At the end of this process, it will generate a personalized report with insights based on your answers, which we will review together to see how it resonates with you.

The iEQ9 Assessment

At this point, you may be thinking, “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those quizzes online…can’t I just do that?” The short answer is, yeah, sure, you can! Those quizes are fun, and can also be a great starting point to figuring out what type you might be. The report that I have you complete is designed by Integrative Enneagram Solutions and is a Dynamically Adaptive Intelligent Questionnaire that gives you 175 questions that it pulls from a pool of 1200. As you answer the questions, it selects additional questions that will better determine exactly what type and subtype you are most likely to be. If it has trouble determining which type is most appropriate, it will select the exact question that will help to decide between two types. Further, the report that is generated from this questionnaire is more in-depth than a free quiz can offer. It explains your core type in depth, as well as gives you information on your subtype, and then also gives you important information on other key Enneagram concepts like Centers, Wings, Lines of Release & Strain, Levels of Integration, and more. It really is one of the most robust, evidence-backed, accurate (88%-95% confidence validity level) assessments and reports available.

Personal Development Sessions

As we go through the report, we will note any areas that you decide you’d like to explore further, as well as any areas of particular insight for you. In subsequent sessions, we will focus on how you might be able to use the information about your type – and the other types – to help with any goals or difficulties you might be experiencing in your life. The purpose of these sessions is to provide you with insight and tools to help you achieve your goals and future plans. These sessions are not therapy, but if you’d like to incorporate the Enneagram into therapy sessions with me, that is an option as well.


There are two different options for the initial assessment. The standard report (£45) is 22 pages long and covers all the core components of the Enneagram as it pertains to your personal life. The professional report (£90) includes everything from the standard report, but it includes an additional 20 pages of material that pertains specifically to professional environments – how you might experience team dynamics, how you might show up in a leadership position, etc. For most people, if your goal is primarily personal development, the standard report is sufficient. The professional report is only something I’d recommend if your development goals are specifically related to your professional work environment, and if your work has you involved in a team. The initial session to go over your results and the report is 90 minutes, and costs £110. Further sessions last 50 minutes and are £75. The total number of sessions we have is determined by you and what you think will be most useful, but many people find that 3-4 sessions are enough to make progress in 1-2 areas.

The Couples Report

The last Enneagram service I offer is for couples and uses the iEQ9 Couples Report. This involves you and your partner both taking the assessment, which will generate a comprehensive report that is personalized to your unique relationship. This report covers the strengths you both bring to the relationship, as well as potential conflict spots you may experience with your unique Enneagram pairing. It also includes growth and development ideas. The report itself is £90, which includes the assessment for both of you. I am not a couples therapist, so this services cannot focus on any specific conflict or ongoing difficulty you may be having – it’s not couples therapy. Rather, sessions should be focused on how you can use the information in the report to grow together as a couple and accomplish goals you may have. This is intended to be a tool that allows you and your partner to gain greater insight into each other as well as the patterns that may be present in your relationship. The initial debrief session for the couples report is 2 hours and costs £150. Generally, the report and the initial debrief session are enough to provide you with insight and tools to further explore together on your own time. However, if you’d like additional sessions, these are £75 for 50 minutes. Again, I am not a couples therapist, so if you would like additional sessions, those would be used to further explore the information in the report, not for couples therapy.

My Enneagram Practitioner Credentials

I am an accredited Enneagram Practitioner through Integrative Enneagram Solutions, and use all of their reports for my Enneagram personal development work. You can read more about the Enneagram here, and about Integrative Enneagram Solutions here.